RGBW Snowmobile Underglow

We now offer full snowmobile under glow/illumination kits. Our kits are configured in RGBW which means there are options of every single color in the rainbow plus hundreds of strobing features. Being that it's RGBW, there is also a seperate chip for a pure white option. Snowmobile must be equipped with a battery for under glow to work. All multi-color kits will be controlled via a smartphone app that is provided for free. Every kit will include an LED switch for on/off. 

We also offer install services for an additional $100. Please contact us if you're looking for the kit to be installed.

If you have any questions at all about adding under glow your snowmobile, contact us today! Sales@fnaautomotive.com

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RGBW Snowmobile Underglow

  • Product Code: snowsled
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  • $250.00

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