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Hyper Pro MAX RGBW Rocklights

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Hyper Pro Max Rock Lighting Kit

Introducing our brand new "Hyper Pro Max Rock Light Kit" – a true testament to innovation and performance in automotive lighting. Designed with utmost precision, these rock lights are available in two bright LED options: RGBW and Single Color White.

 Elevating your vehicle's aesthetic to new heights, the RGBW variant provides an astounding spectrum of millions of colors, allowing you to personalize your vehicle's appearance to match your unique style. On the other hand, the Single Color White option casts a crisp white that enhances visibility while maintaining a sleek and timeless OEM look.

Each pod of the "Hyper Pro Max Rock Light Kit" is a powerhouse of brightness, boasting an impressive 9100 lumens. This exceptional luminosity ensures that your surroundings are brilliantly illuminated, whether you're navigating off-road trails or simply enhancing your vehicle's presence in any environment.

Built to withstand the rigors of various terrains and weather conditions, the rock light pods feature a robust aluminum casing. This not only ensures durability against impacts but also serves as an efficient heat sink, guaranteeing optimal performance even during extended use. Furthermore, the fully waterproof design lets you conquer any adventure without worrying about water damage, ensuring these lights remain operational in rain, mud, or any other challenging conditions you might encounter.

With the "Hyper Pro Max Rock Light Kit," you're not just investing in automotive lighting; you're embracing a new era of customization, reliability, and style. Illuminate your journey with unparalleled brilliance and set new standards on and off the road with this remarkable addition to our lineup.

 Each pod has a wire length of 15', if more length is needed we have extensions available.

The HYPER PRO MAX series rocklights are hands down the brightest rock lights on the market.

With a 180 degree firing angle, these rocklights have full coverage of any area under your vehicle.

We have a wide range of different options of rock lights setups. Rocklights can be done on any Truck/SUV/Jeep etc.

Our most commonly used setup consists of 2 rock lights in each wheel well (8 total) and 8-10 under the vehicle body.

For RGBW Rocklights, 12 lights is the max amount allowed on a single zone controller. Any more lights then that will need a dual zone controller. Dual zone controllers are applicable on any amount of Rocklight setups. Splitters will be included based on how many rocklights you select.

We also offer a wide variety of extension cables if needed.

Contact us for a direct quote on a Rocklight system Installed!

Hyper Pro MAX RGBW Rocklights
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